Monday, December 13, 2010

Freezer Burp

Today was a nice, low-key kind of day off.

The freezer was cleared out to make room for a turkey and a ham, some photos were sorted out and the pictures along the hall were changed up, the other spare room was organized in readiness for the second bed to be set up... Christmas shopping lists were worked on and much tea was consumed.

Tomorrow is laundry, more cookie baking and MOPS shopping on the way to get Hillary from the bus depot.

Hillary is coming home tomorrow night! That excites me. It means the first of the wayward ones is returning. It also frightens me, as it means Christmas is not too far away anymore.

The big event for this week, besides returning offspring, is MOPS on Thursday morning. I think it's mostly under control and will go well.

Next week's big event, besides Christmas of course, is our Annual Open House which will be Monday, the 20th. "Cookies and Cider" this year, besides the cheesy-salsa dip and tortilla chips. Mark it on your calendar and pop over in the afternoon or evening for a visit.

And tonight it's the second half of a British murder mystery and the revealing of this year's worst driver in Canada.

And the completion of the baby hat.

And the start of the matching mittens.

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  1. I'll come to your house on Monday if you'll come to mine at the weekend for the 'Strictly' final !