Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another Atypical Saturday

Had a good drive this morning to Camrose for the Quilting Class at Quilting From The Heart , where I purchased some fabulous cotton to make some bags for a couple of special people.

It's been a good fabric weekend.

Yesterday I was at Sew What?, a new fabric store in Wetaskiwin where I've had good success with my latest baby shower projects. I've been very impressed with Sew What?. It's quite a small shop, but the fabrics that are available are really lovely, and there's a sign on the wall that says if you're looking for something that's not there, she can get it in for you. The prices were even very good, which surprised me a bit. I was prepared for higher prices, which I thought would be balanced out by the price of gas to Edmonton, but was pleasantly pleased to find it not so.

I'm feeling slightly motivated by the plethora of gorgeous cottons awaiting a pre-wash and by the fabulous spring-like weather we've been having.

So what am I doing here?!?

Let the textile joy begin.

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