Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Well On Our Way

Dessert is made.

Just the chili to cook up and the biscuits to have ready for baking.

For some daft reason, I signed up to bring supper for the youth group tomorrow.

This would be a walk in the park, but for my commitment with the Preteens.

It comes down to timing: if the chili is made and the biscuits are ready to pop into the oven before I have to be at the church (about 3:30) for the Preteen group, I'll have plenty of time to bring the chili pot over to the church, warm it up and bake the biscuits between the end of Preteens (about 5:00) and the beginning of Youth Group supper (6:00).

I'd thought of making cupcakes for dessert, but we bought a bucket of ice cream as a back up. We may offer both, since the ice cream is there and the cup cakes got baked.

Mustn't forget to make the carrot and celery sticks...

... And the pot of rice I was going to make in the rice cooker...

... And copious amounts of church juice...

Too bad the house will smell like garlic, onions and chili spices when my 2:00 knitting lesson arrives...

But at least it's a one pot meal.

As long as I remember to turn the ovens on at the end of my Bible study.

... I should probably bring the rice cooker and the rice over with me for 3:30 so I can start that right away at 5:00... a full 20 cups of rice takes almost an hour, if I remember correctly. (it's a BIG rice cooker...)

Bedtime now, though. I think I have my head around tomorrow.

It will feel good to slide between those clean sheets.

Been kind of a long day.

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  1. Every time I check your blog I get a google toolbar telling me that your page is in Romanian and do I want them to translate it....perhaps there is an affinity with Romania you should explore.

    But your thoughts never need translating for me..