Sunday, February 20, 2011

And As Don Cherry, Resplendent In Black Cowboy Hat And Matching Black & Yellow Checkered Tie And Blazer Sounds Off On Coaches Corner During The Heritage Hockey Game In Calgary,

I take the plunge and set scissors to fabric.

First steps toward completion of my current sewing projects.

Sunday generally has a half-baked feel to it around here. Lunch tends to be very late- today we were eating around 2:00, which sets everything back by a couple of hours.

Not a bad thing, or a good thing.

It just is what it is.

I think it might be family movie night, after the hockey game is over. Popcorn for supper? That has a certain ring to it.

And it's "Family Day" tomorrow. Not sure what that will look like.

A sleep-in day. Or at least a "don't-set-the-alarm" morning, so that will be nice. And the day ends with a Girl's Night Out Birthday Party in town, so that will be fun. We'll see what happens in between.

Time to warm up my tea, put the computer aside and finish cutting out that bag thing I'm working on.

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