Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baking Is Done

Once again it's MOPS time.

We're celebrating with a Valentine's Day theme, so of course chocolate is on the  menu.

I tried a new cinnamon bun recipe for the occasion- chocolate cinnamon buns... they are actually very tasty. They look quite exotic!

The night-before stuff is mostly done, as most of the food was delegated and will be assembled tomorrow morning at the church. This means tomorrow morning will be a little more hectic, with everything needing to be sorted and arranged. I'll have kitchen help, though, so I'm sure things will go smoothly.

Preteens went well today too. Twelve kids out, a good lesson and some fun games.

Just about bed time now. I have to get the second load of clothes out of the dryer and put that all away, and maybe make a list of what I need to bring over to the church in the morning so I don't forget something. It's not like it's far, but if I don't have to make six extra trips across the parking lot, so much the better.



Here I go to finish the day.

Night all.

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