Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Towel Trick Is Pretty Slick

On Tuesday when I headed out for lunch I planned to pick up some groceries before I came home, and I had a conundrum. How could I get the groceries into the trunk without getting my coat full of highway sludge?

Have I mentioned that I'm short and have to pretty much lean across the back bumper to reach inside the trunk to put things in and take things out?

Then I had a bright idea.

What is it they say...? Necessity is the mother of invention?...

I thought- bring an old bath towel to lay over the dirt!

Works like a charm.

No dirty coat then, no dirty coat now. I left the towel in the trunk within easy reach and it saves the day.

At least the coat.

Or white sweater, as the warm weather case may be.

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