Thursday, February 3, 2011

Well... The Week Is Almost Over

It's been quite a slothful week at the Friesen's.

I tend to get that way when Randall's away.

Not a bad thing, in light of the past few months, to take a week "off". I feel quite relaxed and somewhat refreshed, as far as that goes. And I hosted a meeting here last night which gave me the motivation I needed to clean the house.

And now I'm contemplating a little trip to town. There's a matter of a parcel to post and a boy I could pick up from school. Maybe I'll treat him to an after school slushy for the ride home.

Randall's scheduled to fly home from Storm Central tomorrow evening. Sounds like O'Hare International Airport is getting shovelled out and flights are getting back on track, so we'll see.

I just thought I should let all y'all know how the week is going. It hasn't been too lonely or quiet, so that's good. What it will be like for him to be away in a year and a half when Micah's done & gone is another question. One that I've actually thought about this week.

But for today, the stew is in the slow cooker, and the dumplings are just about mixed up. Micah and I really like stew with dumplings. And ketchup. It's always on the menu when Randall, who doesn't love stew, is away.

So, I'm off.



  1. Creamed peas on toast was always on the menu when David is away but with no daughter to share it with, it just didn't happen...

  2. Curious as to if you manage to cook your dumplings in the stew in the slow cooker? I tried that once and was unhappy with the results....enlighten me.

  3. Slow cooker dumplings: cover the top (under the lid) with a clean tea towel. The lid holds the towel in place (keeps it from falling down into the food)& the towel catches the dripping condensation and prevents Soggy Dumpling Syndrome.

    That's it! Another towel trick :)

  4. Okay, I will try it again. I seem to remember thinking that my problem was more with the change in temperature dropping in the slow cooker as I put the dumplings in and wasn't sure if it would regain it's slow boil enough to cook them through in a timely fashion. But I will try again! However, I am falling in love with my Kitchen Aide enameled cast iron dutch oven as well and made an equally delicious pot of stew in there last time. Could I really be so fickle as to switch allegiances from slow cooker to dutch oven? After all these years?!!!!!