Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Are You Coming Or Going?"

Is what my Mom asked when she phoned this morning.

"Spinning in circles", is what I answered.

Home from Conference Tuesday evening, off to Hillary's Graduation celebrations early tomorrow morning.

It's not a terribly long drive- only about 6 hours or so from our house, but there's weather to contend with and I imagine the earlier we can get away, the better.

To that end, I should probably go round up the blankets, sheets and towels we need to bring along... (unequipped dorm rooms have been secured for our comfort) and then get my twitchy eyes to bed. Our original  9:00 am estimated time of departure was quickly modified to 8:00, and since supper we've been talking as early as six.

We'll see how it goes.


Back to the bedding. And to try to figure out why that last Scrabble update on my Ipod seems to have wiped out all trace of my current games there.

In and out
On and on, and you're 
Turning me upside down
Turning me inside out
And I feel
My head is spinning round

Round, round we go...

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