Friday, April 8, 2011

Which Road Is Paved With Good Intentions...?

After yesterday's 3:10 am rising and long day of travels, I went to bed purposing in my heart to wake up when my internal alarm went off, so as to catch the hotel's complimentary breakfast and ride along with Randall to the Women's Ministry segment of Conference this morning.

I guess my internal clock is still set on Mountain Time, because when Randall's Iphone alarm shattered the silence and I asked what time it was, he said 8:15.

I think.

It's all pretty much a haze.

So, I'm missing at least the first half of the Ladies' Meeting, and breakfast has been a well thought of Plan B (McDonald's muffin, picked up after the meeting last night "in case...")

I very nearly went back to bed & sleep when Randall left for his Ministerial meeting, but sense kicked in and I decided that a more normal meal schedule than yesterday would be a good thing, so hotel coffee was made and fruit & fibre muffin was eaten while Facebook Scrabble games were played (while the Ipod was plugged in so I'll have a fully charged battery with which to bore countless numbers with endless pictures of my new Granddaughter)

It looks perfectly lovely outside- all gray and gloomy; a little chilly, perhaps, so I think a nice hot shower is in order, and then a good brisk walk across the park and down Nelson Street to the church to keep the lunch date I made.

If I'm quick about it I could get there in time for the last half of the meeting... but as long as I get there by 12:00, it will be fine.

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