Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Writing On The Wall

Two years ago, while Randall and I were at the Annual Meetings in Surry, BC, Hillary decorated the house for my birthday (which occured while we were there). I came home to a kitchen full of balloons and a big banner stretched across the sun room door that read "Happy Birthday!" with a big "46" in the middle.

The sign fell down around Christmas time, but Randall stuck it back up.

Last year I said someone should change the "6" to a "7", but although that didn't happen, the sign remained.

This year I suggested (repeatedly, according to Hillary) that turning the "6" into an "8" would be a fairly simple matter, and so I wasn't surprised to see that alterations were made sometime Saturday night.

What was a bit of a surprise, was that "46" had been covered over by a yellow polka dotted, purple "50".

We're set for a couple of years now.

I'm also wondering how prophetic said signage is, as every day since Sunday has seen me waking up stiff, sore, tired and feeling particularly ancient...

I suppose it's just a matter of time anyway, really.

After all,

The writing IS on the wall...

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