Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good Morning, Wednesday. What Have You For Me Today?

I'm thinking about getting a haircut, in honour of the big Four-Eight on Sunday, but as the weekend is filling up with company again, I'm thinking that if I can get in for a haircut, I should bundle that with a stop for groceries, and an egg run, and maybe even the knitting lesson.

Problem is the hair place doesn't seem to open before 9:30, and there's just today and tomorrow to get the cut done. With so much riding on this trip to town, it seemed prudent to phone ahead for an appointment, but waiting for the shop to open is setting the whole day back.

Sure, you say, I could be tidying the sewing room, clearing off that spare bed and making it up instead of sitting here with my tea.

I am, in fact, working on a mental shopping list while I'm here at the kitchen table...

... Hair appointment is set for 3:30 this afternoon...the day is shaping up. In my head at least.  Time to go put thought to action.

Easier said than done :)

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