Friday, May 6, 2011

It's Been Almost A Week...

I've nearly posted a few times since Saturday, but somehow the motivation got lost before the "publish post" button could be clicked.

I've been fighting with the sinuses, and that has taken a bit of wind out of my sails. Tuesday's post would have been called "Crossing The Threshold", and would have described the excruciating, over the top of my very high pain threshold, aching face. One side was incredibly sore, and seemed to have pressure across my cheek and around the eye on the tear duct side; eye drops, pain killers and frequent sinus rinses have helped tremendously. It's quite a bit better- at least I've not felt like ripping the eyeball from it's socket for a few days now.

Thursday's post would have been "The Dust Is Settling Once Again", and I would have told you about taking Hillary to the bus depot in Edmonton, and sending her off for a summer in Saskatoon. I would have expressed the mixed joy and sadness of a parenting job well enough done to see offspring flying the coop.

And today.

Today has been about phone conversations and procrastination and improvisation...

Today continues to be a relaxed sort of day, and looks to end as a relaxed sort of evening.

A good note on which to end the week.

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