Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nothing Like Old Cheddar And Honey To Sweeten The Mood

With raisin bran muffins, the hazelnut-vanilla coffee blend, and an Agatha Christie mystery...

Lunch was good; and for maybe half an hour I was in a cool, dimly lit basement kitchen in London, feeling calmed by the certain knowledge that outside I would be met with gloomy, leaden skies and a million streetlights twinkling like diamonds against the dusky backdrop of a sweet spring evening.

And no mosquitoes.

Then the phone rang, the muffin was eaten, the coffee was good to the last drop and a dusty, sunny May afternoon burst back into reality, complete with a shimmering haze of fragile looking, blood sucking wing-ed insects of the Culicidae family.

Back to work. Before I get all itchy just thinking about the 2 minute walk to the church for Preteens this afternoon...

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  1. Mosquitoes are coming out in earnest here too. The spoilers of summer.