Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And The Answer To This Weekend's Burning Question...

How Many Grannies Does It Take To Change A  Lightbulb Baby?

Well... suffice it to say that three Grans were enough to keep her well cuddled, and besides the diapers, which were dispatched efficiently and in a timely fashion by the child's parents, we wouldn't change a thing about Our Baby, so it's a moot question.

The May Long weekend is over.

Company arrived in dribs and drabs starting with my Mom on Thursday afternoon and followed by Thomas Friday night. Hillary came Saturday morning with Randall's Mom and Sister while we were at the airport getting Nate, Johanna and baby Norah.

A full house, we had, but it was a good kind of full.

Everyone but the guests of honour left on Monday, and we just now got back from the airport where we saw them safely through the security gates.

I suppose it's needless to say that but for the Vancouver hockey game the house is a bit quiet?

No time to dwell on the emptiness, though. The rest of the week is very full, including knitting lessons, Preteen Group, guest laundry, MOPS and getting The Boy off to Y.C. on Friday...

Did I mention that The Boy passed his Driver's Ed classroom exam tonight?

I was remiss.

Just the in-car sessions and the actual driving exam to contend with. Well done, Son.

Time is certainly not standing still.

Speaking of time... I think it is time to start considering bed and sleep.


It was SO very good to see our little Norah again. It was also good to be able to show my Mom where I'm living now. I'll keep working on the other Parental Unit... (you know who you are!) One of these days, the promise of a bottomless cup of coffee and unlimited access to  my extensive British Mystery library will lure him into The Field.

For now it would be prudent to call it a day.

And so I will.

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