Saturday, May 28, 2011

May I Be Done For Today?

The last load of this week's laundry is in the washing machine waiting for the second last load to finish drying in the dryer.

All the guest beds have been remade, sheets having been washed, pillow cases washed and ironed.

Three loads of towels have passed through the waters and are neatly reposited in the linen cupboard.

About a dozen church kitchen cloths and towels have been washed & ironed and await transport to their church kitchen drawer homes.

The counters in my kitchen have been tidied, the modern sculpture of tin pots that has filled the sink since yesterday has been dismantled and put away properly.

A fairly decent full English breakfast was cooked and cleaned up.

Yeah... I think I can call it a day...especially as I consider that there is some sort of evening meal type nourishment to concoct and two final loads of laundry to finish and put away...

Now. If only I could get my laptop squared with Blogger so I wouldn't have to type posts with one finger on my Ipod...

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