Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bonnie And Clyde Are Still At Large

And roaming with proprietorial freedom around the church yard.

We haven't really named them- they're not ours to name, but I've taken to thinking of The Peafowl as "Bonnie and Clyde". They're still on the run, and have managed to elude capture since Friday now.

They like to sit under the fir trees in front of our house, under the deck beside the bedroom and family room windows at the back of the house, in the bush behind the fir trees and on the shady side of the church, whichever that might be at any given time of the day.

The Peahen is a bit vain, I think, and seems to like her reflection in all the basement windows. I freaked her out last night when I came out of the church; she had wandered over to her favourite looking glass while I was inside, and it gave her quite a start when the door flew open and I came out.

The Peacock has such  beautifully coloured feathers. It's quite a delight to catch glimpses of him all around the place.

It's been fun having them here, but I fear their hours are numbered. The Peaman is going to gather a bunch of nets and will see if the youth can help him corner and catch them tonight finally.

Yes. A fun diversion they've been this week.

I think I'll miss them when they're gone.

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