Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Barbeque Of The Season

First barbeque since we moved  2 and 2/3 years ago.


I've missed the whole barbequed meal thing.

We left our barbeque in Prince Albert. More accurately, in the Prince Albert landfill I think, intending to replace it after we moved.

We arrived to a church parsonage/ manse/ house, with the lines plumbed in for a gas barbeque. Quite honestly, it's taken us over two and a half years to go from talking about it to actually doing something about it.

But, yesterday when we stopped at SuperStore for tonic water and soy sauce, we also walked out with a gas barbeque. It had to be removed from the packing to be strategically inserted into various crevices in the Focus we chose to drive, but we got it home and Micah and Randall invested a couple of hours assembling it and hooking it up to the gas.

And so, the steak that I'd intended to make into a stew of some sort was seasoned and marinated for grilling. (Can you hear Randall's heavy sigh of relief? He doesn't much like stew...) The corn on the cob I bought for supper last night and which was replaced by kernel corn and carrots became wrapped-in-foil barbeque corn. Instead of baked potatoes we had to have instant mashed, but the guys assure me that instant mashed potatoes have gotten a bad rap over the years and are quite edible. I even found a red pepper and an orange pepper in the fridge which, when grilled with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of garlic powder, basil and oregano, was quite delightful!

Supper was yummy.

"What are we having tomorrow?" I was asked.

The possibilities are endless!

Time to go treadmilling... and then I think I'll take a glance at the barbeque cookbook... maybe even while I'm walking...

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  1. Glad it was a success. Again, thanks for the wonderful hospitality. Made it home with no problems or air strike delays.