Tuesday, June 14, 2011

No News Is Good News?

No stories to tell?

Nothing doing in The Field?

To be honest, I'm not exactly sure where the last two weeks have gone... I seem to have a sort of vague recollection that they have been fairly busy... not overwhelmingly busy, but something-every-other-day kind of busy.

Bonny and Clyde, the jailbird peacocks, are still hanging around and evading capture. Yesterday the bread was gone from the latest attempt at a trap in the back yard, but we have to see them going into it in order to pull the string and release the door. Not 100% sure it was the peacocks who snatched the trapping snack, but if it was them, they were sufficiently disturbed by the close quarters of the steel cage to give it a studiously wide berth this morning when I was watching them. They started walking in its direction, and then fairly ran past. The bread Randall added last night remains undisturbed.

My crotchety-old-Grandfather genes have been very evident this past month. I continue with the new treadmill regime, in spite of absolutely no change in the numbers on the digital scale. I sincerely apologize to everyone who has ever heard me say, "It's alright! You're doing great! You're getting muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat." Had you punched me in the nose you would have been completely justified. 

We're getting closer to the end of grade 11 and the youth group trip to Haiti. Micah had his vaccinations on Friday which makes the impending trip that much more real.

It's going to be a different kind of summer again; Micah's in Haiti for the first 10 days of July, then after a week in which to get over the jet lag and do the laundry, he'll be at camp again for the summer. Senior counselor this year. We need to think about holidays, but we're having a hard time getting motivated to make plans. 

Ah, yes.

Now that I've broken the silence, maybe I'll get around to writing more regularly.

Don't hold your breath though.



  1. I learned, while working out in the past year, and reading a bunch of related websites, articles, etc. that if you are exercising it is important to take measurements. Then if you are losing fat and gaining muscle, and scale isn't moving, you can take your measurements and see that there is indeed changes happening in your body. I also suggest picking up some weight training. Building muscle is a great way to boost your metabolism. :)

  2. okay, really wishing the fields were next to each other tonight... we could walk the country block together! until then I am walking with you any way
    ... Oh and silence is good once in awhile... then we can hear God's footsteps on this journey called life!