Friday, June 24, 2011

I Think I Missed The Barbecue

Tonight I made a pork loin roast. (which was REALLY good with the new Kraft Mango Chipotle salad dressing)

Pretty much every meal but one or two have been made on the grill since we got it nearly 2 weeks ago. I love barbecuing!

It's nice that it's a gas barbecue, so I'll never run out of propane again when company's coming. Also nice that it's just outside the sun room door, and is fairly sheltered, so it doesn't get terribly wet when it's raining, and with very little shovelling will be accessible all winter! 



  1. I look forward to some calmer summer days soon when we can eat in the back yard and feast on barbecued meals regularly. Enjoy every meal!

  2. Me again! Yesterday, I had the MOST delicious pulled pork. Would love to replicate it, however it was made by someone from North Carolina, and they cooked/smoked it for about 20 hours. Unbelievable flavor. Methinks the flavor comes from being a Carolinian who knows how to cook it the Carolina way. She suggested that, in the winter, you could add a bit of liquid smoke (maybe a tsp at the most) to perk it up towards the smoke flavor that they achieved with mesquite chips. Oh. My. It was so good.