Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Last Night Certain Things Came To Light

Well, ONE thing came to light.

Much to my embarrassment, I discovered that I did not, actually, know where Haiti is.

In light of the fact that my kid is going there in about 10 days on a Youth mission trip, that is a sad state of affairs.

It came about when Randall mentioned (at a little after midnight) that it was 1:something in  Haiti. I said "in the afternoon". And he said, "No, in the morning." I said, "How the heck can that be?!", as it's over on the other side of the world, me having placed it somewhere in the South Pacific. We argued about discussed it further, until he googled up a map and definitively proved his point.

So, the joke was on me, and he was threatened, on pain of death, should he blog it or Twitter it or Facebook it.

Tonight, now, Micah made me feel better about my geography-challenged-ness, and this has given me the courage to face my inadequacies.

..."Somewhere in England, I think the Netherlands, they have 4 meals a day"...

'Course, he's sick, so we have to cut him some slack... but he comes by it honestly.


  1. I am so bad with geography...

    I did learn, many years ago though, that Haiti shares their island with the Dominican Republic. But ask me where most countries in Europe or Asia are and I would likely be way off.

  2. I am geographically challenged, but I married a geographer, so I figure it all balances out. At least I know where all the provinces are, unlike the sweet young lass at the post office who, when I asked to purchase an Express Post envelope to send something to Manitoba, said, "Is that past Ontario?" Um, no, Manitoba is right next door. "Oh, ok, but if it has to go through Ontario, it costs more."