Thursday, July 14, 2011

To Jam Or Not To Jam...

That is the question...

I thought it would be nice to make some cherry jam while the Bing cherries are on sale, but I haven't had much luck finding Bing cherry jam recipes.

Sweet cherries don't show up on the Certo Lite packet liner either, and I'm not sure I'm motivated enough to find out what the fruit to sugar to Certo ratio would be.

Those cherries are awfully good for snacking on...

Maybe I'll do as Randall suggests and see what kind of cherry jam I can find at the store.

Or chop up the cherries anyway, freeze them in 1 cup containers and find a recipe later.

To jam or not to jam...


  1. (low sugar for diabetics) (proportion of sugar to fruit - no pectin) (lots of info/discussion on how to make the best sweet cherry jam)

  2. Thanks, Lyn! Helpful. find that misplaced motivation... :)