Monday, August 22, 2011

I Always Have Something To Say When The Internet Is Down...

'Course, now that it's back, all I'm thinking about is raspberry picking...

Maybe this will just serve as a Public Service Announcement:

If I don't write anything here for a seemingly endless age, if there are no tender reminiscences, no pithy anecdotes, no bitter rants, let's not assume I've been plunged into a wordless abyss of doom or gloom.

Let us rather adopt a prosaic stance; let us tap the side of our nose as we nod and wink knowingly at each other.

Without a doubt the Internet has been on the blink.

It will, of a certainty, be back off the blink, but until I have the technological power to regale you with the  magic...

Well... do as I do, and find your happy Zen place while you wait.

Or read a book.

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