Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What's Good For The Goose And All That

The Peacock evades capture no longer.

This afternoon he went on to his pre-eternal reward, by which I mean, he was netted, bagged and has probably had his wings clipped by now, on his way to join his girlfriend at the country estate from whence his journey to our house began nearly 3 months ago.

It's been very fun to have them roaming about the place all summer. (peacock poo on the sidewalks aside)

I'll miss them, but I'll rest easier as autumn comes on knowing that they're safe, secure and together. Mister's mournful crying in the evening was breaking my heart. 

I hope the reunion was a happy one; at least once his heart-rate returns to peacock normal and he can relax enough to appreciate the new place.

Fare the well, my fine feathered friends.

It's been a pleasant pheasant distraction.

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