Friday, September 16, 2011

Because Worlds Would Collide

If now I lay me down to sleep
Who'd do the laundry, mend and sweep?
With food uncooked they'd go unfed
If I should lay me on the bed.

I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
Should I lay down and go to sleep;
It shouldn't bother me, me thinks,
To knock off and catch forty winks.

If I should die before I wake,
All hell'd break loose, make no mistake,
And those once calm and sensible
Would find me indispensable.

I pray the Lord my soul to take
To quietness, for goodness sake;
A little rest before I snap.
Perhaps I'll lay me down and nap...


  1. If you would follow our good advice and have a nap I don't think "All hell'd break loose, make no mistake,"

    In fact you may find yourself with resources yet untapped, if you should have a tiny nap.

  2. No, no. That was all hell would break loose " if I should die before I wake". Just whimsically suggesting that if I were gone all the little things I do for all y'all would be very missed. I tried to work in a thought to the effect of how you all might miss me the most when the satellite was disconnected because I wasn't around to pay the bill...but it didn't rhyme :)