Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cranberries By Moonlight

Only it was by flashlight, because the moon was still behind the thunderstorm clouds from earlier in the evening.

I went to take the garbage out after supper and decided to go check the cranberry bush by the graveyard. The sky was rapidly darkening, so I took a big flashlight along with my little pail.

It went pretty well... filled the pail with cranberry clusters and didn't trip over any branches or get tangled in any twigs.

The coyotes were howling in another bush further afield, and I didn't see any bats or anything, so it was all good.

I managed to pick, besides the cranberries and a few leaves, a dead caterpillar, a live bumblebee and a ladybug.

The caterpillar might actually have drowned in the cranberry washing water, but the bumblebee and ladybug were definitely alive.

I'll make another trip out yet, and it looks like there'll be enough berries to get a batch of cranberry jelly for Christmas.


Now it's time for a piece of raspberry jam toast to ward off the overnight low blood sugar blues. So much for swearing off jam until Christmas...

Time also for a quick spider check... found one in my cleavage while washing berries, and I don't fancy taking any to bed with me.

Pleasant dreams.

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