Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In Other News

Bonny and Clyde, the famed Peafowl of our Peacock summer, are on the lam again.

We got a call from their persevering owner to let us know that they've beat a hasty retreat from his place up the road.

Silly, Pea-Brained critters.

I must confess that I've been compulsively looking outside every time I pass a window in hopes that they've wandered back here. They should be easier to catch, now that their wings have been clipped and they can't fly away; unfortunately, their non-flying status also means they're not safely up in the tree tops at night, making them vulnerable to coyotes and cougars. This is also not the time of year to be walking, if you're a pheasant looking bird; grain and gravel trucks are continually streaming past on the highway, and the fields are full of combines and hay bailers.

I hope they turn up soon.

Silly, silly birds.


  1. I was actually thinking of your pea-friends today. There was an overturned Conservative party (what other party would it be in this part of the country?!) on the way to Steinbach and when I first saw it from a distance, I thought it was a peacock.

  2. Overturned Conservative party SIGN? First time I read "overturned Conservative party" I thought, " they've had an election in Manitoba and the Conservative party was overturned?"... It was either an overturned sigh, or I need to keep up with national news... :)

  3. Yes. it was a sign. I don't there's a chance of Conservatives being overturned in Mennonite-land.


  4. I hope the peafowl make it to safety somewhere. Maybe the owner should simply donate them to the church. They could be the mascots or something. I'm sure they must feel that the church is a welcoming place.

  5. Well... the church isn't really equipped to keep them; they've had their wings clipped, so they need to be in a secure place for winter. They can't fly to the tops of trees to sleep anymore. Randall spotted them trotting down the middle of the highway yesterday, so hopefully they've been snagged and returned to the safety of their chicken run. Maybe by spring they'll be sufficiently acclimatized to their new (and original!) place to be able to run about the yard :)