Monday, October 17, 2011

And Now That The Internet Is Back,

I forget what I was going to say...

It was a quiet weekend.

The daughters have moved on; #2 is settling into life in England and #1 is making the rounds before heading south.

And so life in The Field returns to an echo-y form of normal.

I suppose the big project this week might be the Oxford girl's Christmas parcel. I need to get on that so I can send it surface mail and save some postage. I must remember that there are less than 10 weeks until that great and glorious holiday. How's that for perspective?!

I'm also behind on my pottery. I signed up for a class in Wetaskiwin three weeks ago, and what with one thing and another, (one thing being Pastor's and Spouses Retreat, and another being our Girl's last night here) I've only been to the first class. I have the wherewithal to catch up at home, as far as having clay, tools and canvas covered table go; I just need to clear off the table and do a little pottering before Thursday evening.

That said, I guess I should get busy and start racking up today's accomplishments.

Either that, or pour another cup of coffee, fetch my knitting and watch the rest of this TCM movie...

See? There's the genius of it- knitting redeems the coffee & movie, giving me something to actually add to the list of the day's accomplishments!

Ah; The beauty of the clicking needles.

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