Wednesday, October 19, 2011

As It's 10:00 In The Morning

And I'm still in my pajamas and haven't done anything with my hair,

I half expect the Jehovah's Witnesses to show up at the door.

Yes, that's correct.

The Jehovah's Witnesses have been coming around.


To The Field.

Where we live 500 feet from The Church.

I imagine it would be pretty major points toward a seat in heaven if they should successfully recruit a Protestant-type Minister who lives beside a church.

However it is that we are on the J.W. radar, it seems they have impeccable timing as far as catching me in an attractively compromised state.

The first time they came by I heard about it when someone who had been at the church noted that I'd had visitors. I looked blankly at her and she explained that the Jehovah's Witnesses had been knocking at the door. I must have been in the shower, so I didn't hear them and missed the visit.

The second time they came by I hadn't yet found my way to the shower, so I was attired as I am this morning,  bed-head hair askew, and I looked, at something after 9:00, like a lay-about stay-at-home, I imagine.

Which is why I half expect them this morning.

Ah, well.

I give them points for persistence, if nothing else.

I feel a little sorry for them, driving all the way out here; Pointless, really.

It's like trying to send an affectionate lost puppy home- if you're polite and the least bit kind they're encouraged and keep coming back. Hope they figure it out soon.

I'm not good at kicking lost puppies away.


  1. Maybe you need to think of them as peacocks rather than puppies ? Wings clipped for their own good and all that ?!

    Thus far, an Island seems a better deterrent than a Field for this sort of thing (peacocks included !) x

  2. invite them in for tea and try to convert THEM! I betcha they won't come back after that :) (or maybe they will, and meaningful kingdom conversations will ensue?)