Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Honestly Couldn't Believe That It's Been Only A Week Since We Were In Edmonton At The Play

As we were driving to Wetaskiwin last night after supper for the first band/choir concert of this school year, Randall noted that last week were at "Death of a Salesman".

(Excellent play, by the way. Made me cry though.)

Only a week!

It honestly feels like eons ago.

I don't know that the time has flown because we've been having fun. I mean, there were definitely fun elements, don't get me wrong, but I'm thinking it has more to do with emerging from the blur that comes with children (and grandchild!) coming and going, the fog that was Pastor's & Spouses retreat weekend and the stress that goes with fall program start up at church.

This weekend feels a little less... everything... than it has for about a month. With the beds and bathrooms ready for whatever round two of company turns out to be, and with my head partially wrapped around pre-teen group for the next few weeks, it feels more relaxed again.

It's still a little too empty and echo-y loud in here, but it feels a little less taut. A little less stretched, if you know what I mean.

Now, as I wait for my second batch of candy to finish cooking, (..."let it boil slowly to the hard crack stage without stirring, about 30 minutes"... the LONGEST thirty minutes of the day!) and try to keep my fingers from stealing to the sort- of- failed first attempt, (I was going for butterscotch, but it turned out very like the Scottish Tablet we had in Iona...) I'll turn my thoughts toward supper for the guys.

Me, I have a dinner date with a fun bunch of ladies and I don't want to use up my carbohydrate points prematurely.

The sun is shining through again, after a bit of rain.

That's a nice way to end a post.

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