Monday, October 24, 2011

Up Two Notches

I may have stated that my favourite fast food place is probably A & W- love the real egg breakfast, love that they have whole wheat buns that they will wrap around any sandwich on the menu board, and love the diet rootbeer for a refreshing change from the usual cola drinks.

Today, though, McDonalds, which is quite a bit further down the list, went up a few notches.

We were in the city and decided to swing past a drive-through for a snack. I had an apple in my purse, so I said if the oatmeal was available I'd try that, otherwise I'd just eat my apple.

It was available.

I tried it.

I was impressed.

I like that it didn't taste like instant oatmeal. I liked that the maple and brown sugar came in a separate packet. I like that it had real, chopped apple and a nice mixture of dried cranberries, sultana, and golden raisins. I like that the fruit made the maple and brown sugar unnecessary.

It was a tasty, satisfying snack. A cursory Internet search indicates that it might have 47g of carbohydrates, but it didn't indicate if that was with or without the packet of sweetening.

Good for McDonalds.

That was a cup of goodness that left me feeling warm and happy inside.

I recommend.

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  1. I would have never thought to look for Oatmeal at McDonald's - good to know! Like you, it has not been high on my list of favorite fast food restaurants. Actually, I'm not much interested in fast food very often; while it appeals to my senses, it fails in results. Had a burger from Burger King Sunday night....hmm...2 flattened patties in a squished bun.... My cousin, who lives in rural SK, promotes eating fish, calling it "Mother Nature's Fast Food". Last week, I made salmon fillets with angel hair pasta - REALLY can't get a quicker meal than that! Anyway, I ramble. Thinking about oatmeal now! Good day!