Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ho Ho Ho

Tomorrow is the last day of semi-sanity before the crazy-busyness begins.

Tis the season.

I've made a three page list and have clipped it to the fridge. I'm hoping I haven't forgotten anything. Also hoping I don't have to add much more... although there's at least one wedding and a baby shower I need to write in...

Three weeks of crazy.

Or is it four?

MOPS twice, and church banquets and Christmas parties and Open Houses... I think it's all happening in just three weeks.

I'm wondering if we should put up the tree tomorrow so that we can enjoy it a little more this year. Last year we barely got it up in time for our Open House. It's nice to have it up a little longer before Christmas, as we rarely leave it up much past New Year's.

We'll see.

One day at a time, and stay relaxed- even if it means simplification in a few areas.

So... relaxed and flexible.

But not too relaxed, or I might doze off...

Here I go, holding on for the ride.

1 comment:

  1. At least you have a list on paper, mine is in my head ... sort of ... I think ...