Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Phase 1 Complete

It's been a long day.

Mostly it's my own fault.

Yesterday we went out for breakfast, and I started the day off with about three cups of coffee. From breakfast coffee in Wetaskiwin we moved on to Chapters/Starbucks and coffee in Edmonton. Randall had a medium sized holiday special, but since I was just getting regular coffee with a shot of flavour, I opted for the largest size. It was only 30 cents more, after all. Pure economics.

I don't think I made coffee for supper... although at this point I can't be certain I didn't, but I was drinking something hot, so if it wasn't coffee it was at least tea.

Suffice it to say, I was still a little wired when I hit the sack.

I had trouble falling asleep, and then I had trouble staying asleep.

If today had been a lay-about day, it would have been fine, but I needed to get supplies for MOPS this week, and I'd already planned to drop Micah off on my way to Safeway.


Groceries were purchased, and I managed to get a good chunk of the baking done today. I think I may have done a load of laundry this morning... I have a foggy recollection of starting the washer before breakfast, and getting it into the dryer before we left for town...

It's been a good, but long day.

Three little donut-shaped coffee cakes are baked, a batch of gluten, dairy, and egg free cinnamon donuts were made, a batch of regular mini cinnamon donuts (6 dozen!) were done, and a small batch of mini-muffins were made using the donut recipe. They turned out really well and are quite delicious.

And no coffee was consumed.

And only a couple of cups of tea.

And my clean sheets are calling me.

Tomorrow looks pretty manageable at this point; only another batch or so of the mini-donuts to do before Pre-Teen and the Bible study.

Piece of cake.

Or min-donut, as the case may be.

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