Thursday, November 24, 2011

All Mopped Out

Another long day.

At least I was in bed at a decent hour last night so 6:45 didn't seem quite as early as it might have.

MOPS went well. I counted just about 30 ladies in the hall, and the mini donuts and coffee cake were a hit. We were even cleaned up in record time and I was home by 1:00.

A spot of lunch, a rummage in the freezer for supper, and then just about three hours of cleaning pottery at the kitchen table in readiness for tonight's class.

I am very tired.

It's been a full day.

If I can get through the weekend unscathed, all will be well. I might be alright if I keep to the list stuck to the fridge door. Doesn't look like there'll be much time for sloth between now and Christmas.

So... I should wrap it up here and hie me to bed.

Before my legs drop off and my eyes fall out of my head.

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