Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

I just wish it felt a little more like Christmas in me.

I think it will after this week is over.

I hope it will.

I have a feeling that tomorrow will be the deep, steadying breath before leaping off the dock into the cold water of the lake;  Monday will be the spring and dive.

Tuesday will be the shock of the plunge, and Wednesday will be gasping for air.

Thursday? Numbness, to some extent. I'll think I'm getting used it, but the warmth will only be from  the energy exerted by treading water to keep afloat.

Friday, glorious Friday.

If I make it to Friday still kicking, perhaps there'll be strength to crawl back to shore and fling myself onto the beach for a rest.

And a lovely, refreshing beverage with an umbrella.

And a snooze in the sun...

Oh, right.

Winter... snow... coldness....


At least the tree is up and some of the preliminary work for the busiest days is done.

Staying up until midnight, however, isn't doing anybody any favours.

So I bid you goodnight.

See you next week on the other side of crazy.

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