Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Looking Pretty Good...

I've been a good girl.

Diligent, persistent and hard working.

I've exerted huge will power to leave the playing things until the work is done.

Consequently, it's Tuesday night- only 9:30 mind, and I am not panicking about the next two days.

I have very tired legs and feet, and my eyes are pretty itchy, but the chili is made and in (5 four litre) buckets, the (6 dozen) buns have been sliced and re-bagged, the carrots (6 pounds) and celery (3 bunches) have been peeled, cleaned and chopped into "sticks".

The preteen lesson has been composed, typed and printed.

I am ready for tomorrow.

I also appear to be mainly ready for Thursday and MOPS. My baking has been done and safely stowed in the freezer since Sunday, and three batches of caramel popcorn stand at the ready.

I'm still a little dazed and wonder how that has been accomplished.


The decorating has been done, (all but the last minute things for Open House), my quilt block for this Saturday's session is nearly done and I WILL be in bed (and probably asleep) before 10:00 tonight.

I even managed to Skype with one daughter and talk to the other on the phone this afternoon while stirring chili and slicing buns.

Let's hope we can keep up the momentum until Saturday afternoon or Sunday, at which point I will shift focus to next week's Open House.

Good night, all.

Sweet dreams. Deep rest.

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