Thursday, November 3, 2011

Walk Right In, Sit Right Down

Daddy let your mind roll on. Walk right in, sit right down, Daddy let your mind roll on. Everybody's talkin' bout a new way of walkin', Do you wanna lose your mind? Walk right in, sit right down, Daddy let your mind roll on...

I spent a good hour or so with the Diabetes Educator in Wetaskiwin yesterday and came away feeling greatly encouraged.

My exercise suspicions were confirmed, and I'll be getting back on the treadmill, but in shorter spurts.

I'm concluding that I will have to just accept my roundness and learn to love it. I'll be walking for my heart and to keep my joints moving, but I won't expect to really lose weight. If it happens, that will be a lovely bonus, but I'm not getting back into it with that expectation. Although my age and especially my disease is against me,  I can be a healthy round person if not a skinnier one.

I feel like my tools have been sharpened and I'm ready for round 3.

There's discouragement in re-facing the reality of a progressive, chronic disease, but there is the same feeling of grace I've known in a spiritual sense, which gives me hope.

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