Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Compared to 2010, 2011 was a bit ... less spectacular.

We think it may be because we didn't really have a "theme" for the year. 2010 was "The Year Of Us", wherein we were deliberate about each other to celebrate our 25th Anniversary all year.

It really seemed to work, and we had a good year.

Last year was themeless, and it feels like it not only went by fairly quickly, but that it sort of just slid past, with life and events schmooshing together in a nondescript way.

Twenty-twelve has the look of being a year of transition, so I'm a little nervous about just letting it happen willy-nilly. I feel quite sure that to make it a good year, we'll need to be deliberately transitional in positive, healthy ways.

Regardless of the plan or theme, I wish you a Happy New Year, with every good blessing God can give. I wish you some hard times to smooth off some more of your rough patches. I wish you joy and peace to carry you through your griefs and losses. I wish you beautifully hearted people to love you through your good and bad days. I wish you the sure and certain knowledge that Jesus is walking beside you only a handclasp away.

Happy New Year.

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