Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Second Thoughts...?

For Christmas Randall gave me a two volume set of "Mastering The Art Of French Cooking". Each time I've peeked within its Fleur de Lis speckled covers I've learned something new, so I'm excited to read on.

What I learned the last time I opened volume one, was that I need a big pot that can safely go in the oven as well as on top of the stove, so when we were at Ikea yesterday I smilingly convinced Himself that the $39.99 10 litre pot (it was on sale...) was necessary.

Then I realized this morning, as I was putting the kettle on to boil and thinking about the grocery shopping list that the first thing I'm planning to use the new pot for is a stew recipe from the new cookbook.

The Husband confided, a few years ago, that he doesn't really like stew...

... so this morning, as I considered The First recipe in a pot that pushes the Christmas gift well past the $100 mark, I wondered if he'll be sorry he found those cookbooks...

Also, that better be some kick-ass stew.

Also, am I going to regret writing that last sentence...?


  1. You are going to release your inner Julia Child?

  2. I've decided to cook more creatively when we get back to MB. I got "Mastering" last Christmas, but haven't cracked it open that much.

    Are you going to make beouff bourginnon??? (No idea how to spell that!)

  3. Yes, Chris. I'm releasing my inner Julia :)

    I'll start with Carbonnades a la Flamande, Dixie. (Beef and Onions braised in beer) I'll be serving it with tiny buttered potatoes and peas. Maybe French bread if I feel brave and energetic :)

  4. I studied a recipe for sour dough bread yesterday but there was a LOT of "waiting" time - baking a batch was almost a 24 hour process. Don't think I want to mess with that kind of commitment!

    Please post your new favorite recipe finds! I'm trying to picture a 10 L pot, feeding the 3 of you! Leftovers? Enjoy the adventure of new cooking!

  5. We're having company... but I figured that if I was going to get a new pot that could go in the oven and on top of the stove it might as well be bigger than what I have :) Once I got it home I realized it might even be big enough to make jam. It's called a "stock pot", but it's shorter and rounder than my tall stock pot. I think it would be perfect for a big batch of pot luck soup, stew or chili.

    Yeah. The French bread seems to demand 6-7 hours of rising and waiting, but as I like French bread and am not really a fan of sour dough, I could see myself starting in the morning to make a loaf of French bread for supper. Besides. I'm not out there working an 8-12 hour day. If I'm home anyway... :)

  6. I re-thought the 10 L pot; we have a couple, and use them often for big batches of stuff. There are enough soup recipes that we make that don't fit in the standard dutch oven. My favorite pot is a kitchen aide cast iron dutch oven (it's not all that big) but I love it for slow braising.

    I've never tried to make French bread. Now I'm curious. "Oh, Goooooogle!!!!!"