Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Been A Long Week

On Monday, I thought it was Tuesday.

I never recovered.


  1. We started our week having people over for a movie on Sunday night. We told them they had to be out by 11pm since tomorrow was the first day of school for the kids and we'd have to get them out the door just after 8am. That set of friends left at 11pm. But then another set showed up just after the others walked out the door! Marc, especially, never recovered from that late night!

  2. Why, oh why did you let them come in?! I mean, I probably would have been too flummoxed to refuse them entry too, but- going visiting at 11:00 at night?! They couldn't have been thinking. I don't even like phoning people after 9:00 pm, but I certainly can't imagine dropping in on someone after 11:00! Not cool.