Tuesday, January 10, 2012

OHHH! Because I Threw It Into The Back Seat...

We were in Edmonton yesterday to run a bunch of errands. Productive, but not terribly exciting, really.

While driving from one place to another in the South Commons, we drove past SuperStore which reminded me that I was out of yeast.

Driving back again, I suggested that if he drove slowly by the entrance I could jump out, duck and roll, run inside, grab the yeast (which comes in large containers there) and be back to the car before he could make a circuit of the parking lot.

So, we did that. Well, except for the ninja moves.

When he pulled up to get me again, I threw the yeast, in the SuperStore bag, onto the back seat and we continued on to the next stop.

At home, we cleaned out the trunk, and I put stuff away.

This morning I went to mix up some bread, and thought, "Right. I'm out of yeast here", so I went down to the pantry to get one of the two containers I just bought yesterday.

Trouble is, it wasn't there.

I was perplexed for a minute, and after looking all over the house for the bag that might contain the yeast, I realized that it probably got left on the back seat.

And then I realized that Micah took the car this morning.

So I pulled out a package of not-instant yeast that Hillary left here at the end of the summer, and as the yeast proofs, I give my head a shake at my forgetful self and start writing this.

About the time I got to "And then I realized that Micah took the car this morning.", I all of a sudden thought, "Wait a minute... Micah's driving the Crown Vic., and we were driving the Focus yesterday"...

So halfway through this post I realized that it was ALL a moot point because the yeast is probably sitting in the back seat of the car that's still in the garage, but having momentum, I kept writing up the story, intending, in the end, to reveal what a brain fart in my existence looks like, practically speaking.


I'll just get that bread mixing and then zip out to the garage, shall I?

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