Saturday, January 7, 2012

That`s All She Wrote

I got the Christmas decorations put away yesterday. All but the little puzzle village that Hillary and I bought at the Salvation Army Thrift Store in September, and which she put together before she left for England. Not quite sure what I`ll do with that yet, but for now it`s still alright on the mantle.

I`m loving Julia Child`s French bread recipe. So easy to do, once the method has been studied up. I made another batch yesterday with 3 cups unbleached flour (instead of 3.5), half a cup of ground flaxseed, plus a quarter cup of 10 grain cereal. I increased the water from 1.5 cups to about 1.75, and (with the same tablespoon instant yeast and half teaspoon of salt) mixed it up and there you go! Yes it takes all day to do two risings, but since I`m home all day anyway...

This morning I have a batch of regular white buns on the rise and I`ll turn them into pizza buns for supper.

I should go do something semi-productive, besides the buns. I could clean out the fridge freezer... or go do a spring clean in the bedroom...

Or make a pot of tea and build a Sims2 house... or finish that Albert Campion mystery...

So many choices!

I think I`ll start with the tea. I can poke my head in the freezer while it boils, I suppose. We`ll play it by ear after that.

Happy Saturday.

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