Saturday, March 10, 2012


Yesterday I tagged along while Randall went to the city to run some errands.

One of the best parts of the day was discovering a package of Scrabble Tile fridge magnets. The label declared it contained all the tiles you'd find in an actual Scrabble game.

I could not resist.

Last night I found that the tiles in a Scrabble game will write, "ASK ME NO QUESTIONS I WILL TELL YOU NO LIES", as well as, "PRETEND TO BE AMAZED BY WHAT I CREATED", "ROUGHING UP FRIDGE FORCE", and "JAVA, RAVING, OX" with and "I" and an "A" left over.

How fun is that?

This morning, before I went out, I left them a message:

"HARD BOILED EGGS FOR YOU IN THE SMALL CARTON TOP SHELF", and "ENJOY TODAY". I wanted to add that I loved them both, but the letter reservoir was running low, so I used a heart shaped magnet and ended with "I <heart> U AND U"

When I got home, I immediately noticed that the second U was missing from my message of love, but I quickly saw that it had been used to create an answering message:

"TANKS   VERI   MUC ... WE   IOVE  EEU  TO" (the "O" was actually the Q turned upside down)

Aren't they cute and clever? I can see that the amusement potential here is very high.

As long as I can resist the urge to make a paper Scrabble board and turn the freezer door into an actual Scrabble game...

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