Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today TCM celebrates Shirley MacLaine and Barbra Streisand who both share a birthday with me. They are turning 78 and 70, respectively.

Makes my 49 seem paltry by comparison.

There have been, and will yet be, some high points to my day; Granddaughter Norah and her lovely Mom did some "Facetime" with me this morning and there have been a gazillion Internet well-wishes already. At noon I've got a Skype date with the Oxford Daughter and this evening I've either a dinner or dessert date (need to clarify that...) in town while Himself is at a meeting.

Besides that, it's MOPS week and laundry day, which means getting started on the baking and washing a couple loads of dirty, pre-assembled  fabric.

One more year to get a grip on what "50" and "retirement" should look like.

It might not be long enough to find answers for the tough questions... "who are you"... "what do you do"...

But for now, I'd better get back at it. I've got less than an hour to mix up some cookie dough and change loads in the washer before my next Internet tete-a-tete.


Happy Birthday to me.

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