Wednesday, April 25, 2012

While Mixing Up The Boiled Raisin Cookies For MOPS Yesterday

I added the raisins and the water they'd been boiled in (the last step of the process) and thought to myself, "My, but that dough is sticky... the recipe should have said ONE cup of water and TWO cups of raisins instead of the other way around!"

After adding an additional half cup of oatmeal to see if it would make up for the omitted walnuts and stiffen up the dough a bit I glanced over the recipe to realize that...

It had indeed called for two cups of raisins to be boiled in one cup of water.


At least I had enough raisins and oatmeal to mix up a second batch of cookie dough, albeit without boiling the raisins (you'll remember that the water for the second batch was used to boil the raisins for the first batch...).

Consequently I am quite confident that there will be enough oatmeal raisin cookies for MOPS on Thursday, the church potluck on Sunday and the Women's Ministry snack next Friday. 

That would be the silver lining in this particular cookie bowl.

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