Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Second Time's The Charm

I hope...

I feel like I've been very productive today.

Sitting at my kitchen table at 8:30 in the p.m., with two loaves of fresh bread cooling on the rack, seven dozen Chocolate Reece's Pieces Cookies and seven dozen oatmeal raisin cookies bagged and ready for transport to the church for tomorrow's MOPS. Two banana loaves are thawing on the counter preparing for a similar fate.

Another two dozen raisin cookies have just been deposited in the freezer until Sunday's potluck.

I was finished all the baking by noon.

I thought.


The gluten-free lemon loaf I tried this morning was a total flop. Although the toothpick inserted into the centre came out clean, when I cut into it became evident that I had a gooey, gummy mess in the middle.

I hadn't been sure of the recipe anyway, as I took an orange cranberry loaf recipe and made it lemon...

So, after my Preteen commitments this afternoon I came home, popped the bread in the oven and mixed up a new gluten-free loaf. I stuck to the recipe, so it's orange with cranberries in it, and it looks much more promising than the other.

I believe I am well and truly done for the day.

I think, perhaps, a cup of loose-leaf raspberry birthday gift tea might be in order. To wash down the grapes from the beautiful fruit bouquet (a birthday gift from one of my preteen kids).

I'm thinking 49 was a good year, and 50 might not be too bad either.


  1. Have to ask if you've discovered David's Tea yet? ....Maybe you did long before I did.... Some interesting tea varieties....I do a lot of drooling.

  2. David's Tea is fun. We've bumped into several of them in this area :)