Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Shouldn't Be Wasting My Only Free Day This Week On Blogger...

But speaking of Blogger, I may need to kick it up a few notches and get over here more often so I get used to the new layout. I hate technological changes with regard to blogging or social media; it's not that I can't eventually figure everything out, I just don't like that I actually have to figure everything out.

I keep telling you that I'm old. Maybe I should be saying "old and set in my ways".


Yeah. Not sure that I should be spending even one second of a minute of the only day this week that has nothing written on the calendar sitting at the table staring at the computer screen.

This will be laundry day and the day I should get the last three lessons ready for preteen group. If I were on the ball (which I don't think I am...) I would clean the bathrooms and maybe even vacuum and mop the floor.


The thing about this week that is a little irritating, is that three of the calendar's events are medically related. How sick (literally?!) is that.

Next week's not much better. I think Monday is the only unsullied box on the page. At least next week the medical related appointment is not for me.

I need to get moving and motivated. So far today I am neither.

Deep breath.

Hold it...

Exhale slowly.


Hitting "publish"... flipping the Internet switch... closing the computer lid...

...walking away...

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  1. Hmm, yeah, not too fond of or familiar with the new Blogger format yet either. I guess they have to keep us on our toes. Yeesh.