Thursday, May 3, 2012

Unravelling The Mystery That Is Me

Another round of blood test results were back today, as well as the report on the ultrasound I had on Monday.

The back pain and microscopic amounts of an unwanted substance in unwanted places has been caused by a tiny kidney stone, so there's one mystery solved. It's only 4 mm big, they say, which means no action need be taken at this point. It'll just continue to rattle around in there. Unless it decides to come out, which it should be able to do with very little trouble, were that to be the case.

As for the crushing fatigue, incredibly inflamed joints and intestinal distress... we're checking for gluten intolerance since the thyroid and iron tests came back normal. I really don't love the idea of adding gluten to sugar on the verboten list, but I suppose if it meant feeling less than 85 years old on any given day it would be worth it. 

And I'm booked for my first mammogram. They're getting me ready for the yearly squeeze recommended for the 50+ crowd. 


It really does suck to get old. 

And squish and creak and crack and  flap and bubble and gurgle and jab and ache....

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