Sunday, May 20, 2012

Accentuate The Positive

So, in hopes of not becoming a grouchy old bag, I'm trying to think happy thoughts and put forth any and all positive aspects of my new (for the time being at least) diet.

 For example: in lieu of toast, I find that peanut butter tastes good on rice crackers, or just plain eaten off a spoon. Also, I like rice crackers. I can totally justify fried potatoes at breakfast because I'm not having the toasted bread. Although my favourite way to eat an egg is by dipping the buttered toast in it's over-easy'd middle, my second favourite way, when I've overcooked the middle, is to eat it with salsa. Over-hard eggs just take a minute or two longer. Oatmeal cooked with a tablespoon of raisins and eaten without milk can be served on the same plate as the scrambled egg with ketchup. Although you can't buy French onion soup that doesn't have wheat/gluten in the mix, I make a fine French onion soup from scratch. It doesn't take very long to make French onion soup.

Maybe the most important thing to be positive about is that the Celiac Disease test came back negative, so even though I'm trying gluten-free for a couple of months to see if it makes a difference, I don't have to stress about being uber-vigilant with regards to the gluten and eating out.


There was cherry cheesecake at the wedding supper last night... you know that's my favourite dessert...

BUT the pineapple and strawberries were delicious.

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