Sunday, June 10, 2012

There's Good News And There's Bad News

The good news is that the gluten-free-dairy-free diet seems to be having some positive effects.

The bad news is that the gluten-free-dairy-free diet seems to be having some positive effects.

It's been a month now, since I started the gluten-free aspect, and two weeks since taking out the dairy.

Half of me hoped there would be some good results and the other half of me hoped it wouldn't make any difference.

The part of me that loves cheese, cream in my coffee, pie with ice cream and buttered toast dipped in soft cooked eggs hoped that I wouldn't notice any difference and could quickly go back to enjoying those things that I love.

The part of me that was tired of being tired and couldn't remember what it was like to not be bloated and intestinally challenged hoped it would make a huge difference.

After a month ... and half a month... without the two big allergens, I'm afraid I must admit that I have not felt as well as this for longer than I care to remember. For about half a week I've been seeing significantly lower blood sugar levels. My energy level has risen. My elbows and knees feel less inflamed. I'm hopeful that my next blood work might indicate that we can reduce some of my diabetes medication. Hopefully I'll lose weight; although the scale doesn't show much in the way of loss yet I'm not as "puffy" as I was a month ago.

So- good news!

The only way this is bad news, is that I'm getting more and more doubtful that I'll be able to reintroduce either wheat/gluten or dairy to my diet. On some levels that makes me a little sad. On other levels, I mind much less as my energy increases and with it my enthusiasm and imagination.

I can hardly believe that a month has gone by.

I'm encouraged, on this first month anniversary.

Let the second month begin.