Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I was out in the back of beyond this evening, picking Saskatoon berries.

As I was rummaging through the bushes, swatting at mosquitoes and listening to the birds sing, I heard a funny thumping sound. 

I didn't give it much thought until I heard it a second time.

When I looked around, I saw them.

A pair of spotted-back fauns. 

They were eyeing me up quite intently. I whispered, "Hello", and asked where their Mama was. 

They must have deemed me a non-threat, because after they tentatively came close enough to assuage their curiosity, they proceeded to ignore me and took to munching on the long grass between me and the mowed cemetery.

When I turned back to the Saskatoons, they hopped over to the graveyard, (that was the thumping sound...) and then grazed their way back to the bush they must have come out of. 

That was a nice little encounter. 

And you thought I was just a peacock whisperer.

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